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Delivery very slow

Malka, 24 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hi I'm sorry for the delivery was slow. As you know with the pandemic going on right everyone is ordering deliveries and we do try our best to deliver on time and not go off line as customers start phoning. Next time you order quote you address and I will personally prioritise your order 1st

Banana is banging!!!

Ruth Lodge, 15 Oct 2020

  Reply : Ruth always a pleasure ? serving you


Arrived 2 hours late. Driver was on the wrong street so ended up having to drive and find him. Food was good, naan was huge.

Macauley, 11 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hi Macauley. We do apologise in behafe of the drive being. We have now placed a experienced driver and can assure it will not happen again. On behalf of nazams next time you order we will compensate you

Food was brilliant, really good value, excellent service. Definitely coming back.

Patrick, 29 Sep 2020

  Reply : Thank you for your kind words ?


meal was great as always but order was incomplete can of coke was missing was not happy

Andrew, 24 Sep 2020

Excellent food! I have been using Nazams for years and I will continue to do so.

Ben, 28 Jul 2020

The jalfrezi was lovely

Mark Armstrong, 04 Jul 2020

Great food and service and friendly and helpful

Andy, 03 Jul 2020

Thank you Nazams, happy 35th!!! Here's to 35 more

Solly, 21 May 2020

Usually like the curries but this one looked and tasted like it was just water and some vegetables blended together with some prawns thrown in. Never had a Karahi curry that was green. No flavour at all

Jacqueline, 10 Apr 2020

  Reply : Hi its Nazams, We are extremely sorry for the experience you had with your last order, I will look into the matter further and assure you it will not happen again. If you can call us we can take compensate, Once again we do apologise.


Hollie, 19 Feb 2020

lovely food nice guys

Paula, 10 Feb 2020


Alisha, 01 Dec 2019

Good food was a little cold. Food took over an hour to arrive.

Wesley, 15 Nov 2019


My first time ordering. Absolutely amazing quality food and customer service. No wonder they've been open for so long. Extremely worth the money and I will be back ordering again in the future

Joseph McConnell, 02 Nov 2019


Ash NoName, 01 Oct 2019

Been a fan of you lot for over a decade, keep up the excellent work!

Ben, 28 Aug 2019


Mustafa, 18 Aug 2019


NoName NoName, 31 Jul 2019


NoName NoName, 14 Jun 2019


Paul, 12 Apr 2019

Family Favourite

Giselle, 12 Apr 2019

Paid to have 1 peshwari nan and one plain nan but got 2 plain.

Josh, 14 Feb 2019

Fantastic food great service


been using these for 20yrs plus top food A+++++


The only Indian takeaway in the area that always uses fresh veg and cooks to your order rather than using generic slop. And the naans are huge!